Your first bath.

Family Portrait

My Mum and you on your first Birthday

Your 1st Birthday Cake

Shower time for the both of us

My 3rd birthday

My brother Peter, our mum and Myself

Me when i was 18

A picture i took fishing the Seaway jetty one morning

Hello Nick,

My Name is Tony Matthews, i think you may be a son i lost contact with over 15 years ago. I have been looking for you since that time.

I will answer any questions you might have.

I was injured on my way home the last day of the Gold Coast Indy car carnival October 2004, the resulting injuries putting putting an end to my ability to pursue access (no matter how limited) via the courts, the funding i had dried up and i did not know what was happening with myself (from a medical understanding, neither did the doctors).

It took over 10 years to understand the triggers for my extreme epilepsy and other brain related difficulties.

Its only been this year that i have found a definitive cause and limited treatment options, most of which still turn out to be a very restricted life style and ability to interact.

The brain trauma i suffered twice the weekend i met your mum and previous head injuries let in some personality traits that were unpleasant to say the least, worst of all. I was so ill, i did not even understand i was doing anything wrong.

I don’t know what you think of me, its probably not good…

I know and people that know me know i am a good, well meaning and hard working person. Professional advice has been that i contact you and hope for the best.

I am hoping that at the very least you read this letter and consider asking any question or questions you might have.

If its with in my ability i will do anything it takes to repair the relationship i broke between us.

General info about me:
I am 43, live with my wife of 8 years Naomi and Shiba Inu dog on the Gold Coast.
Naomi has a brain injury from a stroke when she was a kid.
We imported Hana from Japan early 2016
My phone number is 0412 518 470.
My email is

This is a picture of Hana

This is a picture of Naomi and I at her graduation for English.

The chair you see me on in the picture above is on
I designed and patented, it was on the ABC New Inventors
Show a few years back and the video is on YouTube .

My YouTube Channel is

This web page is one i did up for you on the Monday after fathers day 2017, with links and pictures it. 

I have been volunteering at Sailability Gold Coast since the car accident in 2004 and this is my site for the club

As you will see from my Facebook page and the YouTube Ch info, i love my dance music, i cant listen to it much for long any more but i still love it.

I love my electronics currently into Arduino stuff.
Coding and now designing and manufacturing my own circuit boards.

My Arduino controlled wheelchair RC project has been taken up by others around the world one guy using it to interface with the eye movements to control his friends power wheelchair, her eyes the only thing she is able to control.

I found fishing a few years ago to be one of the few things i could do and quite enjoy it, having gone so far as to get my own boat and developed from scratch a way to re-purpose my power wheelchairs when they wear out, to get the boat to the car.

I got into salt water aquariums after being paralyzed for so long (on and off as a side effect of the epilepsy), it gave me something to look at, i am on MASA and other forums as ‘gcebiker’ but only have a nano reef tank at the moment.

I like gardening and have a little Aquaponics setup in the back yard, its all paved for the wheelchair. Garden beds are inconvenient so i lifted it all up to my chair height, the fish are mostly for decoration and to keep the mosquitoes larvae under control.

I like building stuff, engineering it, shopping for the bits and tweaking it.

I would very much like to get to know you, very very much


My Brother Peters YouTube Ch is

On my side of the family you have

  • A Grandfather and mother (Garry and Carol Matthews)

  • Uncle (Peter Matthews)

    his kids, Sherkeria, Adainy, Drey, Keaan

  • Aunt (Cheryl Bunny)

    her kids, Tameka & Mervyn

  • Aunt (Lauren Lonegran)

    her baby that i dont know , she lives a long way from me since she remarried.

  • Fostered sister Kelly and her kids